On-Demand Web Seminar  The value of applying data technology to imaging

Hosted by Health Data Management

It’s clear that radiologists are inundated with a wealth of patient data from electronic health records (EHR) and a host of other sources. When reading a study, the radiologist must be able to efficiently locate these data sources in order to create a more effective and holistic patient experience.

Of the many benefits of data technology, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can help physicians find all relevant patient data, making it available for assessment and analysis.

Join executives from Hardin Memorial Health as they reveal first-hand how the rising role of data technology is making an impact on physicians and patients.

What your executives and senior level managers will learn from today’s thought leaders:

  1. The state of medical imaging
  2. How organizations are using data technology in conjunction with medical imaging
  3. How AI can change radiology without replacing radiologists
  4. How AI can help healthcare become more effective
  5. How AI can impact patients and their level of care

Featured Presenters:

Mr. Alexander Abed
Artificial Intelligence
Platform Expert
Watson Health Imaging
Dr. Stewart M. Couch
Diagnostic Radiologist
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Mr. Tom Carrico
Vice President, Operations and Chief Information Officer
Hardin Memorial Hospital
Pat Speer
Speer Content Strategy & Development LLC

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Hardin Memorial Health IBM

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