On-Demand Web Seminar  Do you know what happens to your data in the cloud?

Hosted by Health Data Management

If you have healthcare data to protect under HIPAA regulations, you already know that you face a host of challenges-and that just one misconfiguration can put your data at risk.

Last year, Armor ran a spoof experiment using “honeypots” disguised as a healthcare web portal to collect threat intelligence and strengthen our ability to protect healthcare data. We're going to show you how we learned to protect data in the cloud and what you can do to avoid being a victim.

We share:

  • The most likely attacks your organization is likely to face
  • How active and dynamic security controls can mitigate risk head on
  • Simple steps you can take to head off the risks of a breach
  • How Armor can help you maintain compliance in the cloud and keep your data secure

Featured Presenters:

Wayne Reynolds
Head of Security
David Puzas
VP of Product Marketing
Jim Ericson
Consultant, Editor Emeritus
Information Management

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