On-Demand Web Seminar  How to use healthcare information to improve care in a value-based care world

Hosted by Health Data Management

Almost all large healthcare organizations are fully electronic, and the use of electronic health records for the past several years has enabled them to collect vast stores of data. As healthcare transitions to value-based care reimbursement, organizations must be able to take the data they’ve collected and do something with it. Analytics must be applied to derive insights on the best courses of treatment, or ways to improve workflow or cost-effectively treat patients to achieve optimal insights. This is easier said than done—many healthcare organizations have been working “around the edges” in improving care, but are a long way from consistently and successfully working the data to find opportunities to improve care. This session looks at ways leading healthcare organizations are taking the data they’ve gathered and are working to achieve actionable and crucial insights.

Attendees will learn:

  • Which data sources they need to look at to improve care in a value-based care environment.
  • How to best use combinations of data to analyze areas for potential improvement.
  • What are some of the low-hanging fruit that can be achieved.
  • Which organizations offer models to follow in analyzing data and achieving results.
Betty Jo Rocchio, BSN, CRNA, MS
System Vice President
Perioperative Performance Acceleration
Matthew Mentel
Executive Director
Integrated Performance Solutions
L. Gordon Moore, MD
Senior Medical Director, Clinical Strategy & Value Based Care
Health Data Science Group, 3M’s Health Information Systems
Jim Ericson
Consultant, Editor Emeritus
Information Management

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