The Role of Collaboration in Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity breaches in healthcare have become increasingly commonplace. One third of the US population’s protected information is now in the hands of unauthorized people – possibly even foreign nationals. Why is this happening? And what can we do about it? Is technology the problem? Is it policy? Or is the problem with leadership and the engagement of people within an organization?

Noted cybersecurity and healthcare expert, Dr. Mansur Hasib thinks the problem is with failure to engage people. He has authored two books on the human aspects of cybersecurity and has written and spoken extensively about the role of collaboration in healthcare cybersecurity. He has served as Chief Information Officer in healthcare and has intimate knowledge of the healthcare space. His recent article in the US Cybersecurity Magazine discusses the need for nationwide collaboration for the purposes of solving this problem.

Join us and find out:

  • Why are people important in cybersecurity?
  • Why is collaboration among people important?
  • How could this nationwide collaboration for cybersecurity in healthcare look like and how can it help?
  • Can collaboration be the secret sauce that we need to tackle this massive problem?

Featured Presenters:

Mike Perkowski
Co-Founder & Partner
New Reality Media LLC

Dr. Mansur Hasib,Dr. Mansur Hasib, CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS
Cybersecurity & Healthcare Leader
University System of Maryland

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